Water Filtration

Filtration by Sand Filters

AFM Range: 2.40 M3/hr – 480 M3/hr

A robust fully automatic range of fibreglass vessels water filters for removal of suspended solids.

Filtration by Carbon Filters

AFM Range: 0.84 M3/hr – 9.6 M3/hr

Carbon filters are used for removal of taste, odour, organic colour and chlorine.

Filtration by Brim and Greensand Filters

AFM Range: 0.96 M3/hr – 8.1 M3/hr

Brim and Manganese Greensand Filters are used for removal of Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulphide.

Filtration by In-Line Self Cleaning Disc Filters

Capacities: 6.5 M3/hr – 450 M3/hr

Fully automatic self cleaning disc filters used for removal of suspended solids from water supplies for Municipal, Mining, Irrigation, Waster Treatment, Cooling Towers, Recycling, Effluent recovery, and various industrial applications.

Filtration by Cartridge Filters

Flow Rates are from household to large industrial.

Applications include the removal of suspended solids for drinking or pre-treatment to downstream equipment.


Filtration Skid undergoing testing